Certified Celebrator’s 8th Birthday!

I’m SOOO glad you have dropped by the bloggity blog to help me celebrate the 8TH BIRTHDAY of Certified Celebrator!! Ya’ll – EIGHT YEARS!! In some ways, it seems like just yesterday I was painting door hangers and doing paint parties.. In others, I feel like I have been chasing this dream for forever!!

As part of the celebration, I have really focused on reflecting back on where I’ve been, ways the brand has grown and developed, and how I can continue to pursue my passion in the coming year!

Year 1 –

  • I started creating pretty door hangers
  • Began selling the door hangers at craft shows
  • Opened my Etsy Store
  • Started teaching in home parties

Year 2 –

  • I continued all of the above but started working smarter with hiring help to prepare door hangers
  • I started batch painting and prepping for parties.

Year 3 –

  • I stopped taking custom orders but increased paint parties.
  • Closed my Etsy Shop.
  • Started sharing other crafty and holiday ideas on social media
  • Joined a group with other people that was led by a business “coach” who was sharing their ways of business

Year 4 –

  • Moved my door hanger business 100% online. I didn’t teach individual door hanger parties or create custom pieces anymore
  • Hired a company to drop ship my designs to women all over the United States and started recorded painting tutorial videos
  • I continued to share party inspiration and holiday crafts with my social media following
  • Our brand grew to be a lifestyle brand that included food, home décor, crafts, easy entertaining, and all the things I still do today.

Year 5 –

  • Built a website
  • Quit my fulltime job
  • Was featured on Hallmark Channel, The Rachael Ray Show, Southern Living, started my monthly feature on Nashville’s Talk of the Town
  • Launched my Creative Loop Coaching Group

Year 6 –

  • Started working with brands to create content
  • Kicked up the amount of website content we shared
  • Started planning ahead and strategically placing business opportunities in my calendar

Year 7 –

  • Kicked up the quality of my content
  • Delivered wayyy more to my website
  • Started CCTV
  • Had lots of opportunities to share Certified Celebrator through speaking engagements
  • Hosted a Live event with 400 women traveling from all over to participate
  • Joined an extensive mastermind business group
  • Had 6 months of personal and business development. This was my year to prioritize what was important to me. It was my year to grow as a person on so many levels

What Will Year 8 Hold….

  • Our first book printed
  • 2 Live Events

Birthday Photos: Julie Hall Photography

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