Celebrate with Southern Cream

Hi, I’m Brittany and I’m certified obsessed with celebrating.
I love all things confetti and sprinkles, and I enjoy making others feel loved and cared for. I hoard paper shred and funky straws like they may stop being manufactured at any given moment. I absolutely adore any item that can multi-task and serve a variety of purposes. I am always on the lookout for fun party accents and favors that can be utilized for any occasion. That is where my friends at Jackson Morgan come in.

If you didn’t know, Jackson Morgan Southern Cream is a Tennessee whiskey cream company. It is owned by the sweetest southern family you will ever meet. Here is a little family history lesson from their website:
“It all started in 1921 when Alfred Wetherington, the great grandfather of siblings Jackson and Morgan had a whiskey still in eastern North Carolina. He later decided to become a preacher and left the whiskey life behind. Almost a 100 years later, Jackson and Morgan are picking up where he left off with a new twist on the family recipe.”

I love tradition and I love family so you can see why I have come to adore Jackson Morgan. You know I like to think I’m a sweet gal, and they have created all these amazingly sweet and delicious flavors that remind me of growing up in the south. Banana Pudding Cream, Whipped Orange Cream, and Peppermint Mocha are a few of my favorites. They even offer several fun recipes on their website if you want to mix something up!

I always enjoy sharing with friends when we get together to celebrate and make memories!