Celebrate with Self-Love

Can I share a little secret with you…?
At the end of the day, after you have put in your work of heart for the loved ones you have focused on for this holiday – there is not a thing wrong with taking time to pour back into yourself. We all know you simply cannot pour from an empty vessel, so I encourage you to celebrate with a little self-love so that you can continue intentionally celebrating others in the days going forward. So feel free to refuel!

Perhaps a new purse or bag is how you prefer to celebrate yourself! This doesn’t have to be a big splurge, it could even be swapping satchels with a soul sister!

In fact, self-love doesn’t have to cost anything at all! Pump up the tunes on Pandora and do something you enjoy. Take down old seasonal stuff and put up new decor if that sparks your soul. Listen to that podcast that you adore but have fallen behind with. Do a new page in your scrapbook! You do you sister friend!

It IS the weekend… take a little trip! Even if it’s just for the day. Visit a neighboring city or a friend that’s close enough to drive to but far enough that you don’t see her every day!

Stay in, snuggle up, and watch a heartfelt Hallmark flick or catch the latest episode of your favorite series!

And you know what else.. I’m just gonna come out and say it…
If you love flowers – GIRL GO GET YOU SOME!!
As you well know, I have always been a fan of fresh flowers from the grocery store, and this day is no different! If someone else happens to give you a pretty bouquet, that’s good and well. But hear me out, if I catch a glimpse of you in Kroger with a bundle of blooms in your arm, you will get no judgement from me! However, you might get a High-Five! If that’s how you want to celebrate yourself I support you ONE THOUSAND percent!!

You may decide that loving on yourself is getting a subscription to our monthly magazine Celebrate with Sprinkles!