Floral Spring Wreath

I know I am putting this out there a little in advance, but I am just getting giddy at the thought of SPRING, ya’ll! I don’t know if it’s all the rain we’ve been experiencing here in KY, but just the idea of the arrival of spring has me looking forward to all things associated with the season – blooms, birth, renewal, awakening, you know the feeling! It’s like the spring season is an opportunity to hit the refresh button on our lives!

So to keep in that spirit – I’ve got a refreshing little DIY idea I’d like to share with you today!

This project is easy peasy lemon squeezy ya’ll, so stress is not invited to this party!
When a project involves a hoola hoop, you know it’s about to be a gooood time! 😉

First, do any hoola-ing prior to the project, just get it out of your system! Nobody is watching – get it girl!! Then, spray paint your hoola hoop gold and allow it to dry. Check your craft stash and see if you have any extra vine greenery left over from other projects, or you may have some from a dated piece that you could remove and revive! If not, you can always snag some on sale at your local craft store. Hot glue the greenery about 2/3 or a little over halfway around the hoop. (I should clarify – I do not recommend physically wrapping the greenery around the hoop. When you do this, it won’t lay flat against your wall. Hot glue it to the surface of one side of the hoola hoop!)

If your budget for this project allows, (maybe you found the hoola hoop in the garage and the greenery in your craft stash) the flowers are where I would put the money honey. You can use ones you already have of course! If you are purchasing flowers, I would go with just a few high quality blooms – that are really making those babies look REAL these days, I mean it is impressive! (Find ’em on sale at Michael’s or Hobby Lobby, or work that weekly coupon!) Arrange the blooms into a cute little stack and hot glue to the hoop.

This piece would be so precious as part of nursery decor if you’re expecting a baby girl! Would also be adorable to display at a baby shower, or elegant enough even as wedding decor! I envision this being perfect if you just have a large space or an odd wall that just needs a little somethin-somethin outside the box – Voila!
Fancy Schmancy but totally budget friendly!

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