Celebrate Kindness with Ale-8-One

Hey there!
Brittany is my name, and celebrating is my game.
I adore creating and sharing ways to intentionally celebrate friends and family while making memorable moments in a joyful home! I especially enjoy easy peasy ideas that are simple to carry out, even for the busiest of boss babes!

Sooo when I was introduced to the kindness movement that Ale-8 was launching, I immediately knew it was something I wanted to be a part of! Based right here in the Bluegrass, the soda company is seeking to spread kindness and celebrate unsung heroes. (Please envision me in this moment as the overly-anxious kid in class enthusiastically raising my hand while squirming in my seat whispering “Pick me! Oh me! Right here! Me me me!”)

Reading the story of how this movement started, my heart was so full, I knew I had to have a hand in on this development:

“One of the main streets in Winchester, Lexington Ave, was being repaved; it was a long term project and the drivers who were inconvenienced by the construction were taking their frustrations out on the roadside workers who had been working in extremely high temperatures while trying to improve our commutes, so we decided the road maintenance team could use a little love. One afternoon, we hopped in the back of our event truck and handed out ice cold Ale-8s. The workers were so grateful, we decided to look for opportunities to show kindness to other unsung heroes. We recognize florists, who put in long hours the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day, Police Officers working Thunder Over Louisville and we sent cold drinks to firefighters and first responders after a gas pipeline burst in Lincoln County…”

If that doesn’t give you chills, we need to check your vitals! Everything about the action Ale-8 is taking feels right up our alley! We were so inspired, our team immediately started putting the Certified Celebrator spin on their pleasurable products!

Whether you pick up a pack, or spread smiles with singles, the follow through can be so simple! Pretty-up the packaging with colorful ribbons, bright bows, and a fun tag! Step-up singles by simply tying on a striped straw, or place in a baggy with a little paper shred!

Whose praises will you sing with your thirst-quenching act of kindness?

The crossing guard who works the busy street outside your children’s school? As you enter the drop-off line, hand a cool refreshing Ale-8 out the window for them to enjoy after duty!

The firemen of your local firestation? Drop off a pack or two that they can partake of now or later!

The neighbor who picks up trash near the sidewalk on her morning walk every day?
Leave a solo or a set on her doorstep with a note expressing that her initiative to keep your neighborhood beautiful hasn’t gone unnoticed!

Playing a part in this movement is too significant and simple to skip out on!
Simply download and print the custom-designed labels to use as you spread kindness by sharing Ale-8s!