CC Family Retreat at Soundwaves

Words simply cannot describe the phenomenal time we all shared at our Certified Celebrator Family Retreat at Soundwaves in Nashville! Soundwaves is the newest attraction at Gaylord Opryland and is so worth checking out!

Let me just brag for a minute on a few of my favorite things about our awesome experience at Soundwaves

First of all, Mommas, everyone give a sigh of relief in unison – NO PACKING BEACH TOWELS!! At Soundwaves, the beach towels are PROVIDED. Talk about super convenient!! Can I get a Hallelujah?!

Second, boasting FOUR ACRES of fun, at Soundwaves there is truly something for everyone. If you are hesitant because you have children of various ages, or your hubs is trying to get out of going because he thinks he will be bored, fear not Mamasita! Soundwaves features multiple kids’ areas for even your bittiest littles (we had CC fam under the age of 2 having an absolute BALL!), a relaxing lazy river, a wave pool, and waterslides galore!

When I think of waterpark food, I’m sorry, I can’t say I envision anything… appetizing. Ya’ll, the food at Soundwaves was more than appetizing, it was doggone delicious! The pizza was superb and the cake was to die for. Clean plates all around is always a sign of fabulous food!

All areas of the waterpark and party room were pristinely clean. It is visually evident that the venue is sleek and well-designed, plus the furnishings are all high quality and extremely comfortable. If you leave me in one of their pool chairs for too long I WILL fall asleep – I’m talkin’ THAT kind of comfortable!
(We would also like to add that we felt very safe. As mommas we know the level of importance safety plays, so we want to let you know we felt very safe in this environment!)

BONUS – Soundwaves has this little miracle machine that dries your swimsuit.. and I’m talkin’ like INSTANTLY. No packing wet suits home and forgetting to immediately toss them in the wash, and only discovering them because something in your beach bag starts to smell a little… funky… (we’ve all been there!)

When I say Soundwaves has it ALL – I mean it!

Here’s another little tip – If you aren’t interested in making a reservation and spending the night, you can rent the party room instead and still have access to the waterpark! That’s what we opted to do, and it was totally worthwhile!

Our Spring Retreat to Destin was a celebratory working trip just for the girls. This Fall Retreat to Soundwaves was for our whole Certified Celebrator family! Through everything that we do, all of our meetings and obligations, our families have stood by our sides and have been so supportive! They all truly contribute to everything our team accomplishes, and we organized this outing as a Thank You!

Taking the opportunity to gather and intentionally celebrate our team and our families, to build relationships and strengthen our bond, has brought us to love and appreciate each other even more!