Anyone else’s heart absolutely leap at the creative opportunity to give thoughtfully and intentionally to others?! When I feast my eyes on fun, festive, bright, cheerful ways to celebrate others, I can literally feel my heart start to race!

Hit the refresh button with this fun floral spring DIY project!

At the end of the day, after you have put in your work of heart for the loved ones you have focused on for this holiday – there is not a thing wrong with taking time to pour back into yourself.

Celebrate the bond you share with the beautiful babes who play such a real and relevant role in your lifestory!

Highlighting all things pink and red, and creating Cupid-approved crafts along with sweets St. Valentine himself would swoon for! 

Hangin’ out at home? Focus on the frills! Put together a PJs & Popcorn Party in comfy, cozy, cute PJ pants from Viv & Lou!

Don’t let your family take a trip down the terrible tunnel of doom we call BOREDOM. Plan ahead with a little bundle of Boredom Busters!

What does it mean to live a significant, meaningful life? Ever find yourself wondering if you are where you’re supposed to be? If you are fulfilling the purpose you were created for?

The close of a year is often a time to reflect and reminisce. We consider where we’ve been and how far we’ve come… We take a minute for fond memories and warm our hearts with recollected favorite moments…