Set the tone for the school year! Send kiddos off with full bellies and blessings!

Every beach babe has her own sun and sea staples, but this list can serve as a starting point to help you pack if you are beach bound!

Has anyone else noticed the tray trend that seems to be taking over? Well, trending or not – count me IN!

Kiddos create their own summer scrapbook to highlights the best memories of their summer!

May you make many mint-flavored memories with friends and families while sipping these sweet shakes!

Hey, if what we wear can help us witness, I can get on board with that!

Savor the season with a summer bucket list!

Fake the Fancy and take those grocery store flowers from the sidelines to center stage!

This year, we may not be able to be with our parents or grandparents to give them a big warm “I love you!” hug and a kiss.

Y’all know when I find something adorable I feel it my duty to share the deets with my dearest divas!