If you’re a little frantic about hosting Friendsgiving.. fear not! I’ve got just the checklist to help you de-stress and feel more good-to-go for your gathering!

Welcome any reason to host a party or simply have friends over when your tablescape can stay set all season!

Create a pleasing little pattern with washi tape to up the WOW effect.

Sometimes it’s fun to plan something fancy in your own backyard! Literally!

Take your Taco Tuesday to the next level with these simple recipes and recommendations!

Cheer on your team and tailgate with style and confidence that your chilled goods will stay icy cold!

I have a feeling you already have the needed materials for this project conveniently on hand – just check your child’s backpack!

What a COOL way to celebrate the end of summer and the beginning of another great school year! 

Enjoy your fam’s favorite summer meal together and follow up with a S’mores Surprise Dessert!