Let’s make room to be unrushed. To be present. To intentionally celebrate those around us.

When the children come in like a whirlwind of destruction, shouting words like “hungry”, “snack”, and “bored”… Mommas, how do we keep this after-school cyclone from wreaking havoc in our homes?! Enter the Don’t Ask It – Basket!

I invite you to style your tray to serve a specific and tasty purpose! This self-service cereal station is just the ticket! 

Mirror, Mirror, on the wall..
Who’s the coolest teacher of them all?!
N O C O N T E S T !!
Hands down the certified winner is she who sports these creative kicks!!

As we all begin transitioning into some version of a regular routine, a lot of things will see some change, but many things will also remain constant regardless of the circumstances. One of those consistencies is that, girl, your family is gonna eat!

Strategically set them up for success this school year with a fully stocked homework station!

There are things we cannot control, but it is vital we acknowledge what we can control – and that is our attitude!

When the fall feels start to roll in, you know my soul immediately starts longing for s’mores and all the wonderful ways to enjoy the sweet campfire treat.

Break out the flash cards and pull the letter magnets off the fridge for a Simple Back to School set up!

Small simple items can set the stage and cue the comfort to sink into the (home) work zone!