I appreciate that most sheet pan meals can be made ahead of time if you want to pack lunch for the family during the week!

Hangin’ out at home? Focus on the frills! Put together a PJs & Popcorn Party in comfy, cozy, cute PJ pants from Viv & Lou!

Don’t let your family take a trip down the terrible tunnel of doom we call BOREDOM. Plan ahead with a little bundle of Boredom Busters!

I am a supporter of any method or recipe that calls for little preparation, that doesn’t require washing a ton of pots and pans, and includes simple ingredients!

I love that most sheet pan recipes are not set in stone, they are flexible, and you can bend and shape them to fit your fam’s food faves!

The snowy season sometimes gets a bad rap, but with some intentional planning, this winter can be wonderful! 

Find something that lights your soul on fire and let it be the focus of your feature decor!

We know that we all have our go-to products and potions that we prefer for special occasions or pampering, but we also need those everyday goods that we reach for regularly! This is where my long-standing love for J.R.Watkins comes into play.