Girls, it might be time to pumpkin SPICE up your wardrobe with some sassy new pieces!

My entire life is a jumbled jar of completely crazy but my planner keeps my heart focused on what’s important and my mind straight ahead on the goal of living for His Purpose. 

My Prayerful Planner empowers me to stay accountable for my actual priorities and helps me place everything else BELOW that line.

When I say Soundwaves has it… I MEAN it!

There have been a lot of questions sent in recently about my fitness routine and what has worked for me, so I am ready to share the lowdown on my latest obsession…

Nothing hits the spot quite like something cool when it’s soooo hot outside!

Bring home the farm stand experience and share it with friends and family!

If you are considering planning a trip for your fam or a getaway with your girls, I have a terrific trip time tip for you!