I know the holiday season is about giving unto, showing love to, and celebrating others, but I want to encourage you to refuel yourself first and foremost SO THAT you CAN pour into others!

This holiday season, we are encouraging you to gather with loved ones without stressing the mess!

Sometimes we need to pause for a moment and focus on the importance of raw relationships, deep love, and authentic conversations. 

Whether you are hosting friends and family or you graciously volunteered to bring a dessert to dinner, these  Luscious Layered Last Course Cups will end the evening on a sweet note! 

Friendsgiving Checklist

If you’re a little frantic about hosting Friendsgiving.. fear not!
I’ve got just the checklist to help you de-stress and feel more good-to-go for your gathering!

Julie, Amy Grace, Brittany, and Jenn together in the kitchen.

1. First of all, if someone asks to help you… you say “Heck yes!” Collaborate with your comrades to create a fun, festive, Friendsgiving!

2. Serve buffet style so you can decorate your table however you’d like – after all, that’s half the fun!
(If you prefer all the fixins at your fingertips at the dinner table, you can set up the decadent desserts on the buffet so guests can select sweets at their leisure.)

Festive Friendsgiving food laid out buffet style.
Jackson Morgan Southern Cream signature cocktail.

3. Offer a signature cocktail! My go to is ALWAYS Jackson Morgan Southern Cream. This year I’m serving peppermint mocha flavor. It’s so delicious and festively seasonal, I’ll probably sip on that flavor into December as well.

4. Shop your home and yard first! Find sticks and leaves from right outside to decorate with – it doesn’t get more real and rustic than that! You can also throw in nuts, berries, apples, mini pumpkins, pine cones – whatever you have that fits the festivities!
BONUS – this could also inspire a creative kiddos’ craft!

Leaves, twigs, berries, paint, and paint brushes.
Friendsgiving table setting with "Thankful For" activity.

5. Create conversations starters should that awkward silence try to sit in with your group.  You can select more customized topics specific to your tribe, or you can write more general inquiries like –

  • “What are you most thankful this year?”
  • “Would you rather have apple pie or pumpkin pie?”
  • “What are you most excited about this Christmas season?”

6. Set up a Thankful For More Leftovers station with cute to-go containers and labels where guests can pack up their preferred leftovers to take home!

Leftovers station with to-go containers and labels.

I am SOO thankful that the girls of The Tidy Home came to my organizational rescue. They truly transformed my attic space disarray into an efficient storage system!

Whose praises will you sing with your thirst-quenching act of kindness?

If I haven’t mentioned it lately.. I have the absolute sweetest group of gal pals anyone could ever ask for!

Girls, it might be time to pumpkin SPICE up your wardrobe with some sassy new pieces!

My entire life is a jumbled jar of completely crazy but my planner keeps my heart focused on what’s important and my mind straight ahead on the goal of living for His Purpose.