Why are party beverages so overlooked? They deserve a little dazzle and themed detail too 😉 Today I’m going to show how EASY and SIMPLE it is to add a major punch (no pun intended) at the beverage bar. ha! I make myself laugh.

First, lets start with the ice cubes. No more last minute trips to the nearest gas station to pick up the XL bag of those awkward WAY-TO-BIG chucks. From now on, commit to the cubes. Spending a few minutes each night leading up to your par-tay will add color, detail, and will be just another way to continue with the celebration. This week I’m preparing for July 4th. I’m using red, white, and blue food coloring. I’ve also pulled out those plastic ice cube trays. Find them at the Dolla Store if you don’t have any. 😉

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Prepare to be in high demand for every neighborhood block party, family reunion, and friendly cookout with this adorable DIY backyard game. Who’s up for a little friendly competition? Let the games begin!

Oooh say can you see.. the B O L D statement of patriotic PRIDE in this aDOORable front porch flag?!? Display your love for the stars and stripes B R A V E L Y with this simple star-spangled tutorial.

Calories don’t count when the dessert is light, whipped, airy, and includes lots of freshly picked local strawberries, right? 😉 Not today aDOORable friends. Boy, do I have a treat for you. Over the weekend I spent some time experimenting with a trifle. But not just any ol’ trifle, I wanted to find the P E R F E C T Strawberry Shortcake Trifle! I think I nailed it.

One of my favorite parts of celebrating every holiday and season is the aDOORable kids crafts that go along with the theme. Little prez always looks forward to it too. 😉

Memorial Day brings you a funky parade hat and a handprint flag!

Lets get started:

Parade Hat!


Supplies needed


Red, White, and Royal Blue construction or scrapbook paper.

A star shaped item to trace. I had this little wooded star left over from another project! You could also just print a clip art star from the internet and cut and trace around it.

scissors, red pipe cleaners, glue stick, tape

  1. Using a 2 1/2″stripe of blue construction paper measure around your little ones head to make a perfect size.


2. Glue the ends of the paper together where it fits.

3. Trace and cut several stars of each color.

4. Use a red pipe cleaner and twist around your finger making a curly twisted shape. You will then tape your curled pipe cleaner to your stars.


And then just simply tape the pipe cleaner to the inside of the royal blue head band.

and wallah… you’re all set for the neighborhood Memorial Day Parade…or a family parade down the hallway at 9pm when we should be preparing for bed! hehe – hey, you only live once!

How aDOORable is my little stinker?

Next up, handprint flag!

Supplies needed:


Red, white, and royal blue paint

Paint brushes

Red and Sky Blue construction or scrapbook paper

  1. Cut down the sky blue paper so that it fits in the middle of the red paper giving a layering look.
  2. Paint the hand with the red, white, and blue paint as shown in photo


3. Place the hand in the middle on the layered paper for a sweet little flag.


4. Wash hand immediately 😉

 Grab your aDOORable kiddos and make some unforgettable family memories.

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Hi lovies. Can I please tell you about my obsession with porchscapes. Yes, you read that right! Porchscapes… doesn’t that just sound lovely? Imagine a beautiful home with a charming little front porch decorated to fit perfectly for the season. Oh, y’all…. it truly is delightful.

With Memorial Day around the corner I decided to create a simple red, white, and blue patriotic porchscape. One that wouldn’t cost a bajillion dollars but would still represent the holiday.

You first want to measure around your front door to determine how many yards of material you need. I needed 7 yards!

Visit the fabric department in your craft store to find the cheap tulle. It should be around 83 cents per yard and then you can have the sweet employees cut it for you. You will need red, white, and blue of the same length.


I have mortar hooks around my front porch. I use those babies for so many things! You really need them in your life.


Layer the tulle one color at a time starting with red, white in the middle, and blue on top. Since you measured you shouldn’t have any extra material, but if you do simply cut the tulle where it meets at the ground.

Since my garland is pretty simple I decided to add a super cute USA aDOORable door hanger as the focal point.


And, I added a couple matching American Flags to my flower arrangement.

I’m crushing on the porch swag, if you can’t tell!!


Everyday deserves a celebration! And I want to see yours! Hashtag us @ #aDOORablelife on Facebook and Instagram.

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Cheers, your certified celebrator!