Candy Bouquet

I tried. Girl Scouts Honor.. I tried.
I tried to think of who would NOT be ecstatic to receive one of these adorable edible bouquets…
I came up with NOTHING. NO ONE. NADA. ZILCH.
These are   P E R F E C T   for everyone on my list!!
Relatives, Friends, Co-Workers, Significant Others!
You could even create a large bouquet with a group of people in mind –
The Office, The Teachers’ Lounge, Business Partners!

Gather up your supplies!
– Variety of candy/treats
-Paper Shed
– Glue Gun
-Something to hold your bouquet! (A tin, a bucket, a basket, a vase?!)
Check out the Facebook Live Tutorial Video below for step-by-step directions to bring the whole thing together!

It would be hard to hide the excitement when receiving one of these candy bouquets!
(Husbands take note – it might be time to switch up your game!)
Watch out flowers – there’s a new bouquet in town!

#live Valentine’s Day edible Bouquet!!

Posted by Brittany Young on Thursday, January 26, 2017