Brittany’s Boo Bash

1. We love because He loves.

2. We welcome because He welcomed.

3. We invite because He invited.

• Where we get intimidated is when we focus on entertaining. Entertaining has more to do with impressing others… true hospitality is serving others. Shift your heart and watch how your home becomes a blessing to people.

Every single morning I pray that the Lord would use my home for His glory! This week I’m honored I had the opportunity to welcome so many of you over to intentionally celebrate.
1 Peter 4:9 🥳

We had the pretty decor and yummy food but the heart of the Certified Celebrator Boo Bash was to encourage intentional celebrating and build memories!

We enjoyed a hot meal with simple sweets together and had great fellowship with friends!

What’s dinner without a little… DaNcInG ?!?!

And of course, ended the evening with a little Trick or Treating!!

We want to thank you soooo much for following along and being a part of this either in person or in spirit!

Brittany and the girls at her Boo Bash event.

A Certified Shout Out to our sweet brand partners for making this Cute Not Creepy event a complete success!!

Prayerful planner

JR Watkins


Jackson Morgan



Color shot


Aleene’s Craft Glue



Russell Stover

Papa John’s

Plaid Crafts


The Lettered Hen

Coton colors