Breakfast in a Bag

How about a Christmas gift idea that’s outside the box – LITERALLY! 🙂

The little Breakfast in a Bag gift I put together includes a fancy cookie, peppermint mocha packet, and a disposable coffee cup!
The combinations you could come up with are endless!
Mmmm imagine an apple cinnamon oatmeal packet, a sachet of apple cider spices, and a cute mug or
disposable cup!

Not everyone is a breakfast person – that’s okay! Customize the idea to fit the recipient you have in mind! Maybe you put together a Snack in a Sack! Who wouldn’t love a Little Debbie Cake with some caramel cappuccino on their work break?! (If any of my gal pals are reading this, I prefer a Nutty Buddy, a Zebra Cake, or a Honey Bun!
Please and Thank You! 🙂 )