Boredom Busters

Every mother (and father!) knows that moment when your mini me tugs on your pant leg for the bazillionth time in the last 5 minutes.. You feel your eyebrows raise as your eyes get big, you take that deeeeep breath, turn and put on your best smile.. But then what?!

This sounds like a job for….

ABOVE: Who doesn’t love a good treasure hunt? Especially when the bounty is yummy treats! Make snack time fun by creating a pirate’s map that leads your child through a variety of snacks (in the order of your preference.. can’t skip around if you wanna get to the treasure!)

LEFT: Let the SUNSHINE in! How many different ways can you CELEBRATE the SUN?! Match up clothespins to bring out the sun rays, draw, spell, even paint the sunshine!

RIGHT: Jump into FUN with an Exercise Hunt! Create a routine to move from one location on the map to the next! Maybe you even collect coins along your travels to trade in for treasure at the end!
Sample Routine:
Frog Hops
Hoola Hoops
Chair Squats
Hop on One Foot
Jumping Jacks
Arm Circles

Shiver me timbers!
Every parent needs a treasure trove of ideas for those days when all the toys in the chest just don’t cut it!