Booking Your Destin Vacation

I really don’t think there could be anything more memorable for my family than a vacation! To me, they are so worth the investment. The time away from our work and phones allow us just to connect on a different level.

Even when we are home I’m always trying to make each day special for my guys but there is nothing like getting out of the norm and spending quality time together.

My husby and I started visiting Destin right after we got married. It was our first trip after our honeymoon. We vacationed with our best friends and fell in love with the soft white beaches and crystal clear water.

Over the years we visited probably a couple dozen times. It feels like home away from home for us. We’ve met local friends that we love connecting with, a church that we are so excited to visit each trip, and of course the most amazing restaurants that we crave from trip to trip.

Recently my husby and I had a great conversation about how we are so thankful we have the opportunity to build these lasting memories with Brady. He sooo looks forward to our beach weeks. He remembers our local friends like Chef Tommy 😉 and he’s always sharing stories about his past trips.  It’s such a treat to be able to witness and be apart of these sweet memories with my Brady Bug.

When we first started visiting Destin one of the most intimidating parts to planning the trip was booking our condo. There are SOOOOO many. The first couple of years seems hit or miss. We’ve stayed in some really pitiful situations and we’ve also stayed on some amazing properties.

Here is what I want you to know…. You ALWAYS want to book from a management company. Remember, the owners of the condos live all over! They probably haven’t seen the properties in years. Book with a company like Newman Dailey. They are on site to most condos, it’s easy check in, they are maintained and cared for, and you can even call and talk to a real person.

A couple trips ago we came in celebration of a birthday. When I called and told them about our trip they shared the most perfect location that was perfect for kiddos, but they also recommended a bonfire on the beach. They shared all the details with me and helped me plan an awesome birthday celebration for my friend.

It’s like they are travel agents with no additional cost!!!

Truthfully… the Newman Dailey website is out of the world easy to work! Like… easy peasy mac and cheesy! Type in the location, times you want to  travel, and you will be soooo surprised by the quality of condos that pull up in your price point.

Check it out here!

I CAN NOT WAIT to hear about your summer vacations! Be sure to share your photos in our Facebook group!

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