Birthday Gift Card Box

Does anyone know how it is that gift cards got such a bad rap?
As in, a lot of people seem to think gift cards are an unthoughtful or a lazy gift?
I can’t wrap my head around it..
I LOVE gift cards!
Whether it’s a card to a place that might as well be my second home, like Hobby Lobby or Starbucks, or a place I’ve never visited but always wanted to, to me gift cards are a totally welcome gift!
If you are on the fence on this issue, maybe what you feel the gift card lacks is *Present Presentation*. Rather than just handing it over in a sad little envelope or stuffing it inside the birthday card, up your gift card game with this Birthday Gift Card Box!

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!because who doesn’t love a balloon animal!??

Posted by Brittany Young on Tuesday, January 30, 2018