Besties & Barnwood

In the market for a snazzy new piece to spice up your curb appeal?
Follow my photo tutorial below to cut and build your barnwood shape from scratch!
Then, whether you built a shape or purchased a blank,
check out my Facebook Live Tutorial Video for step-by-step instructions
to paint your own rustic whimsical outdoor decor!

To Build Your Barnwood Piece:

Step 1: Lay your wood out flat and stacked closely together. Trace your shape onto the wood. I traced this wire wreath to get my circle shape!

Step 2: Using a jigsaw, carefully cut along the line that you traced to cut out your shape.

Step 3: Once your wood is cut, decide which side you want to be the front, and lay your pieces face down.

Step 4: Align your brackets (I found these for $2/each, and actually cut one in half for this project!) such that you will be putting a nail or screw into each piece so it holds strong.

Step 5: Insert at least one nail/screw through the bracket into each board. Flip over and VOILA!! Your shape is ready to paint!!

Besties and Barnwood… The way to my heart

Posted by Brittany Young on Monday, August 8, 2016