As your certified ~CELEBRATOR~ I want to encourage you to celebrate not only these fun fab holidays but the fun fab people in your life! Such as.. Who else?! Your bestie!! You’ll feel awesome creating one, she’ll feel amazing receiving one – The Bestie Box is a certified WIN-WIN!

Step 1: What are you going to put the goods in?

Step 2: Paper Shred… A   M U S T !!

Step 3: Find your inspiration piece. What’s the number one thing that your bestie will love? Develop a theme around that! Pink and Pineapple for the win!

Step 4: Select a fun variety of coordinating goods.

Step 5: Pull it all together and BAM. A totally aDOORable gift any bestie would love!

Do you aDOORe this nifty gift idea?!
Check out my Facebook Live Tutorial Video, grab 5 of your besties and host a Bestie Box swap!
Hashtag me at #aDOORablelife so I can get a peek at your inspiration!

Are you eatin’ this up, but need to see more examples?
You know I’ve got you covered!
These Bestie Box ideas and inspiration are just a taste of what my IG has to offer you!

#Celebrating the announcement of a sweet new baby girl!

Praying this little #bestiebox mends the best #galpal! Chicken noodle soup, #girlscoutcookies and an encouraging read for my sick friend!

#SnowDaySupplies for some of my fabulous friends!

Tis the season to feed my colorful paper shred obsession!