Bestie Box Ideas!

You and your Besties don’t need a specific holiday to gather together and commemorate your friendship!
You can whip up these adorable Bestie Boxes and host an fun exchange to celebrate any occasion, like simply surviving the week! Of course a swap isn’t always necessary, sometimes we want to commemorate specific events like a job promotion or a new relationship. The Bestie Box is the perfect gift for honoring all of life’s special moments!

A Bestie Box (or Basket!) is meant to make everyone smile! So don’t let it seem like a big deal or overwhelming to create or put together. You can easily just start collecting tins, jars, boxes, and baskets as they go on sale or out of season and saved them for a themed gift exchange! I went with a “Perfectly Pink” on this jar because my friend LOOOVES pink! Perfect AND Simple!

I rarely send a Bestie Box without one of these amazing tags from my friends at Panazze on Etsy. The tag, like the right earrings or necklace, just completes the whole look! All you artsy-craftsy friends out there, you guys know what I’m talking about! You get a project almost finsihed.. but it just seems like something is missing?!?!
It’s probably one of these tags, ya’ll, I’m serious! 🙂

A little curly-q ribbon never hurt either! 😉

As I said, it doesn’t even have to be specifically a box or a jar. This little tin I found on sale is absolutely perfect! The size is awesome – it’s not so huge that I have trouble coming up with items to fill it. But it’s not so small that I can’t fit anything inside it. This is the tin Goldilocks would choose FOR SURE! Finally, you know I gotta attach a tag, and these cutesy clothespins I found did the job and look great! What a lovely little “Just Because” or “Thank You” tin!

What other Bestie Box theme ideas can you come up with?
Such as… Movie themed! To include popcorn, movie tickets, and chocolate!
I’m feeling a Bestie Box Valentine’s Day Swap coming on… (we love our men, but this holiday doesn’t have to be aaaaallllll about them, right?!) Be on the lookout for future ideas and details!