Beef Fajitas

Sometimes you just need a fajita in your life! Am I right?!

Buuuut getting the family ready to go for an impromptu dinner out isn’t always.. dare I say.. worth the effort. And after putting the work in to get the stars to align with everyone dressed and shoes on etc etc, there’s nothing more defeating than arriving to the restaraunt and being handed a beeper disc with a 45 minute wait. At this point… those fajitas just feel like a far away dream. There is no chance your pack of people can stay sane for that span of time.. so you admit defeat and pile the fam back in the van and go across the street for burgers and fries. Goodbye fajitas.. perhaps we’ll meet again in another life..

Friendssss.. It doesn’t have to be this way!! Those fajitas CAN be yours!!

This dish can come together easily in the comfort of your own kitchen with KY Beef! Combine your beef of choice cooked with a flavorful fajita seasoning packet. Toss in your favorite veggies (I always go for grilled onions and peppers) and serve on rice, wrapped in a tortilla, overtop crispy chips, or whatever you prefer! Are you a more traditional fajita mamacita, or do you serve them up with a special spin?

Looking for more delicious recipes? Check out the Kentucky Beef Council website – they have tons of ideas! Surf through their recipe categories and I’m sure you’ll find something to fulfill your foodie fantasy!
Beef. It’s What’s For Dinner!