Be Bold! Be Bright! Be You!

4 Rules to Sporting Bright and Bold Lips

1. Wearing a simple t-shirt and bright lips are weekend statement around my house. Bright lips have the power to spruce up any t-shirt. Just because you are wearing comfort clothes doesn’t mean you can slack on the lips girls!

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2. Wear simple eye makeup and blush to off set a bright lip color. I prefer a more natural look so I wear soft makeup everywhere else to get a pop of color with lips.

3. Your blush tone and lip tone should be similar. Wear a pink tone blush and pair it up with a pink color on your lips. Wear a brown tone blush and pair it up with more of a deeper red or brown undertone on your lips. Color coordinate ladies!

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4. GO FOR IT!!! Give it a try. It may take you a couple wears before you feel confident but it will be so worth it! Bright and bold lips are the ultimate way to ensure an AWESOME day!