August Celebration Calendar

Things to do in August:
C E L E B R A T E !!!!

That’s right! You know what time it is…
Monthly Celebration Calendar Time!!

I’m Brittany Young, your Certified Celebrator, bringing you reasons to put your party pants on every opportunity you can get!

As you look over this month’s celebration calendar, I’m curious what you see! Do you make a small note of each day as perhaps a topic of conversation or maybe gain meal prep inspiration if the day is dedicated to a food? Or, as you glance over the timeline do certain days pop out at you, and get you EXCITED and pumped about planning something for that particular day? I love these monthly celebration calendars, and I’m just curious how you utilize them!

You know, sometimes we just need something to look forward to, am I right? We are doing a post tomorrow (The Donut Worry Gift Basket), and we touch on the topic of stress and how people experience different triggers and use a variety of solutions or relaxation techniques (like increased intake of sugary sweets!) On that same note, when we are maybe just rowing through one of those stressful seasons in life, isn’t it SOOOOOO nice to have at least ONE thing to look forward to? That’s something I love about this calendar. If there are no upcoming holidays or birthdays, but you KNOW you and your family are due for a little pick-me-up, here comes this calendar with all these wonderfully wacky reasons to smile and celebrate – and all you have to do is
PICK ONE and run with it!

I would LOOOOOOVE to see which days excite you and how you celebrate! Remember to use #HoliYAYCelebrators on social media when you share your thoughts, ideas, inspiration, and photos!