Love Story

Our Love Story
That’s right, it may sound cheesy but in honor of our 8th wedding anniversary I want to take a moment to share our love story with you! Nicholas Sparks – If you are reading, feel free to steal some inspiration, I only ask that Reese Witherspoon play me in the movie 🙂 (Brad says Brad Pitt would probably do to play him!)

Brad is my “The One”. He is the only boyfriend I ever really had. I mean, I’m sure I talked to or hung out in like middle or high school, but nothing else was ever serious. We started dating when we were sixteen. We both worked at Food Land; I was a cashier and Brad was a bag boy. We had so much fun working there together. Lots of our friends worked there also, and we have so many fond memories of the good times we all had there together.

At the end of summer, Brad moved to Bowling Green to attend WKU and I remember I was devastated. I wanted Brad to have fun and do well, but I was so sad that we were going to be so far apart because I had to stay home and finish school. Despite the distance, we remained in a relationship. He came home a lot on weekends so we did get to see each other some. As much as I wanted to, I was really just too young to drive over to Bowling Green alone. This wasn’t easy, but we hung in there.

When I graduated, you bet I could not get to Bowling Green fast enough. It was so great to be back in proximity and to spend time together regularly again. We went through college together, then got married once we were both graduated. We have really grown together in so many ways; these 8 years have truly been such an incredible journey for us.

Brad has been so supportive and involved in all our creative adventures. He may operate the majority of his magic in the background, but none of this exists without him. Brad is my Husby Hero. He knows my limits, and when I need to pause and breathe or when I need to be pushed to reach my goals. Not to mention he is hands-down the greatest Dad ever. Brady and I are his whole world (aside from UK basketball, of course) and he will go to the ends of the earth for our family. I could not have asked for a better partner to parent with. He amazes me every single day.

God put Brad in my life for a reason. In high school, I was starting down the wrong path and probably would’ve ended up in trouble, mixed up in places I didn’t belong if Brad hadn’t redirected my sites. College was more about socializing, groups, and charities for me – I wasn’t so keen on the whole “classes” objective. Brad helped me with my homework, especially science, I’m sure there were classes I wouldn’t have passed had Brad not come to my rescue. God put him in my life in the most perfect times. I took the hint and we turned these times into forever.

Brad and I really balance each other. He is so stable, level-headed, and focused on long-term goals. He is so content with life. Brad would really be fine living in a shoebox on the side of road – he likes to keep it simple and finds joy in the small things. Then there’s me with my head in the clouds and building bigger dreams every day! He rolls with me. He believes in my hopes and dreams and, even though that over-the-top desire does not come natural to him, he builds alongside of me anyways.

God has truly blessed us with each other and I could not be more grateful!
Thank you so much for celebrating this day with us!