Always Greener Marvelous Mats

These   M A R V E L O U S   mats from Always Greener are the perfect custom gift for any occasion!

I am in L-O-V-E with my grassy green monogrammed mat! (If you recall my recent slight obsession with moss, you will understand my excitement about this door mat!) Not only is it adorable AND functional, it is perfect for any season and is customizable! Plus it’s Howie approved!! What MORE can we really ask for?!

Well. If your front porch is like mine, it gets A LOT of sun. I find that if I don’t spray some kind of sealant/protectant on some of my porch decor, it tends to get a little sun-faded. So I guess in a perfect world we could ask for the mat to be fade-resistant…
According to their website, synthetic turf is U.V. stabilized to provide colorfastness, and the warranty includes a guarantee against fading. BOOM.
Always Greener Door Mats for the WIN!!

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