A Work of Heart

I am singing “Welcome” to you!
I’m so glad you dropped by the blog today!
This month we are emphasizing ways to create happy hearts and celebrate our loved ones, which is really truly what we focus on every day! 

Buuuut it being February we are of course highlighting all things pink and red, and creating Cupid-approved crafts along with sweets St. Valentine himself would swoon for! 

However you choose to celebrate the holiday with your usual crew, we want to encourage everyone to make this Valentine’s Day a Work of Heart by sharing love with someone who maybe wouldn’t expect it. An elder widow or widower at your church who might otherwise overlook this holiday would be so sweetly surprised by a handcrafted cupcake! We generally consider the needy in our communities most during the Christmas holiday season. This month, show you haven’t forgotten the less fortunate in your area by dropping off some goods (or goodies!) to your local food bank.

Brittany with treat board.

Whom else can you think of that would absolutely adore a little token of tender love and care this Valentine’s Day?

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Love on your littles ideas and inspo.