30 Minute Kitchen Upgrade

Anybody else see those “$50 room make over” Pinterest pins and think “Yeah Right!!” I just never believed you could transform a room for that!

Until… NOW!!

That’s right – I broke down and tried it for myself! I spent a whooping $10 on paint and a sponge brush, AND the job was finished by the time dinner was ready to come out of the oven. Consider my faith in DIY home upgrades RESTORED!!

Check me out in DIY action in my Facebook Live Tutorial Video!

Here is my before with a little snippet of my progress…

You may have to assume some interesting positions as you work depending on your kitchen layout 🙂

But when you are finished it is SOOOOO worth it!!!

This is my 30 minute aDOORable kitchen upgrade!!

Love the paint and color I used? Get yours here!