12 Days of Cheerful Giving

You know I LOOOOVE giving gifts. I am fueled by finding ways to let my loved ones know how special they are, and adore showing them I love and appreciate them. Jesus is the driving force behind the giving and I hope my people see Him through me.
Sometimes, though, I have to remember that I also need to be showing Other People my Jesus, not just my close family and friends…

So let’s show everyone our Reason for the Season by engaging in
12 Days of Cheerful Giving!

Don’t you think Jesus would love nothing more for His birthday than to see all of His people loving on each other and
celebrating in His spirit!?

Check out the list we came up with, or create your own unique acts of kindness!

12/13- Let someone get in line ahead of you

12-14- Write a friendly message with chalk on a sidewalk

12/15- Thank your sanitation workers with a fun yard sign

12/16- Leave a popcorn surprise at a DVD rental place

12/17- Pay for a stranger’s coffee

12/18- Leave kindness stones around your town

12/19- Make Christmas cards for your mail carriers

12/20- Hand out single red carnations at a Nursing Home

12/21- Leave laundry detergent at a
laundry mat

12/22- Pass out candy canes at your favorite shopping store

12/23- Give hand-warmers to teachers working the car rider line

12/24- Smile at EVERYONE you see today