The 1, 2, 3 of Lash Extensions

Alright gals, if you’ve been considering eyelash extensions, this post is for you!
If you are tired of fighting the never-ending mascara battle (“non-intentional smokey eye smudging as you apply” vs “didn’t quite wash it all off/good morning raccoon”), or you’re skeptical about all the growth serums that seem to be popping up everywhere, you are not alone! I’ve been there, and now
I’m here to give you the scoop on eyelash extensions!

First of all, not all extensions/applications are the same! Do your research!!  There are tons of lash technicians that claim to be the best. It can be hard choosing the right one. Find someone that takes their time, truly LOVES applying them, and shows interest in making sure they are careful with your natural lash.

Fear not ladies, lash extensions do NOT destroy your natural eyelashes. The key to proper lash extensions is the application method. If lashes are applied the right way, they will never break off or pull out your natural lashes. That’s why it’s so important to find the right technician. Ask your friends, ladies at work, or other moms in the car rider line – you want references! 🙂

Block out some time! Your first appointment will take the longest. Mine took about 2 hours.

When the technician asks how you’d like them to look… start off with a natural look. I didn’t… I told her I wanted them as long as possible. They were a shock to me!! When I went back for a fill in I had her add in a natural length. Since then I’ve added more curled ones and some with more length. It will take you a few fill-ins to find the look you love the most. You may even change it up depending on what you have on your calendar; vacation, special event, or just working at home.

It’s all downhill from there! Maintenance is easy peasy. I wash them with baby soap while in the shower. I get them filled in every 2.5-to-3 weeks.

A few precautions:
Be careful about how much you touch and rub your eyes. You should also brush them a couple times a week with the spoolie brush your lash artist will send you home with.

Ask about getting them wet. I’ve heard some technicians suggest that you don’t. (YUCK! How would that work exactly?!) I can get mine wet immediately and wash my face like normal.

They’re not permanent! If you want to take a break from your extensions there are two ways to do it — have them taken off or let them come off naturally. Removal takes only take a few minutes.

Where do I go & Who is my technician?

I use Brittany Hanon at Friendz Salon in Bowling Green and I couldn’t recommend her more!
She does an amazing job, she enjoys it, and she loves to see you happy and pleased with your new lashtastic look! If you are local or near the BG area, she is worth the drive!