Small Business ownership can be hard, y’all!

I KNOW it can seem confusing! And I know you can only talk your Husby’s ear off SO much about your business dreams before he’s had enough.

Every week I get Facebook comments and emails from people asking me HOW I have built my business to over 50K social media fans and quit my full-time job to pursue my dream business.  No matter where you are in your business, I would love to come along side you and cheer you on. That’s is why I created Party of Two.

I have spent 7 years building my door hanger and paint party business. And thru much trial and error, I have figured out in the last few years how to grow my business online quickly by hiring the right people, marketing my business, branding myself and building a substantial presence on social media.

I can help YOU do the same in your creative business!

My one-on one-coaching is perfect for someone who:

  • has just started your creative small business and is excited, but needs direction
  • has a small business started but is struggling to navigate the online world and use it to get more clients and income
  • is wanting to grow their business by finding ideal clients
  • has been at their business for a while, but are lacking inspiration and direction as you grow
  • AND how to be a #girlboss when you will have a 9-5 boss