Felt & Ribbons Pumpkins

Uniquely craft these aDOORable patterned pumpkins that you can use from year to year!
Not that I don’t totally love using real pumpkins in my decor, I do!
But I must confess it brings me joy that these are basically indestructible! 🙂
(Anyone else with a 3-year-old find yourself drawn to things that can’t
spontaneously combust into huge messes on your floor?!?!)
Grab your felt & ribbons and follow these steps!

Step 1: Gather your materials.

Step 2: Cut your felt into strips.

Step 3: Using a hot glue gun, glue your strips in place to cover your styrofoam ball.

Step 4: Allow glue to cool/dry.

Step 5: Choose your desired ribbon/rickrack and hot glue to the felt.

Step 6: Continue to criss cross with contrasting ribbon, gluing down as you go.

Step 7: Alternate felt colors with ribbon patterns and rickrack, then finish off each one with a bow to create an aDOORably spunky variety of pumpkins!

Step 8: Display your spunky pumpkins in a dish or vase to complete this SPOOKY decor!

  • * B E W A R E ! *
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    to check out my creepy Facebook Live Tutorial Video!
    It’s a  S C R E A M  !!