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Candy Bouquet

Presentation is EVERYTHING! Turn ordinary candy into a beautiful bouquet of bitty bites!

3 Tips for a Joyful Day

Three practical things that we can do to ensure a joyful day!

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Gifts for the Man in Your Life

Men are hard to buy for!! Can I get an amen?! With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, here are a few ideas they are sure to love!


Forever Felt Flowers

Waving my magic wand and creating FOREVER flowers! No more wilting or drooping here!


Living With Significance

What does it mean to live a significant, meaningful life? Ever find yourself wondering if you are where you’re supposed to be? If you are fulfilling the purpose you were created for?


Creative Covers

Basket Full of Sunshine

We’ve all been there.. you’ve got a friend that’s had a rough day, or maybe received some bad news, or has just downright had some bad luck and as their Certified BFF you WANT to do something, you NEED to do something, but you just don’t know WHAT.
Enter: Basket Full of Sunshine 🙂


2 Step Buffalo Plaid

Permission to board the Buffalo Plaid Bandwagon – GRANTED!!

DIY Mercury Glass

Achieve this classic vintage look at home with dollar store or yard sale glass!


Easy Peasy Fancy Cookies

These tasty treats may look and taste like they came from that fancy corner bakery,
but they are easy peasy enough for even YOUR kitchen!