Indoor S’more

Scrumptiously sweet S’mores make an appearance on your seasonal menu this fall! (No Fire Required!)

The 1, 2, 3 of Lash Extensions

Break up with your mascara and start a new relationship with Lash Extensions!

Puppy Theme Party

Who’s ready to PAAAWWTTYY?!?!

Spectacular Summer Reads

Inspiring summer reads that uplift our hearts and souls!


DIY Canvas Fashion!

Join the DIY crafting craze with some canvas fashion!


Vintage School Days Decor

Bring back that O L D S C H O O L vibe with these farmhouse vintage decor ideas!

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B2S Prayer Breakfast

Set the tone for the school year! Send kiddos off with full bellies and blessings!


Easy Peasy Pencil Project

You don’t have to be an artist or an expert at painting
to get an A+ on this easy peasy pencil project!!


DIY Accent Wall

This farmhouse style accent wall is not only doable ya’ll, it’s removable!!! Double Yay!!


Creative Kicks

Mirror, Mirror, on the wall..
Who’s the coolest most aDOORable teacher of them all?!
N O C O N T E S T !!
Hands down the certified winner is she who sports these creative kicks!!