Mirror, Mirror, on the wall..
Who’s the coolest teacher of them all?!
N O C O N T E S T !!
Hands down the certified winner is she who sports these creative kicks!!

Prep a teacher for the back-to-school transition with a Teacher Survival Kit!

I am so excited to share my ideas for our home studio office and craft room with you!

Offer a yummy nudge of encouragement with this super simple (and sweet!) Donut Worry gift basket!

Make your master bedroom a cozy area you look forward to spending time in, not just a place to crash at the end of a long day!

Set the tone for the school year! Send kiddos off with full bellies and blessings!

Kiddos create their own summer scrapbook to highlights the best memories of their summer!

Even the smallest, most seemingly insignificant rooms can be put into multi-tasking mode!

Has anyone else noticed the tray trend that seems to be taking over? Well, trending or not – count me IN!