Let your front porch reflect your patriotic pride in shades of red, white, and blue!

The perfect porch planter project!! 🙂

With a little luck of the Irish and a cute bow, you can DIY this Shamrock wreath!

Show your space some looooooove and create a handmade wreath Cupid would go crazy for!

With just a few simple pieces and a little crafternoon time, you can put together this classic Valentine’s Day wreath!

With Christmas off the to-do list and Valentine’s Day still over a month away, we are in kind of a transitional period when it comes to our decor! Don’t let this time between holidays affect your decorative reputation in your neighborhood

Golden Snowflakes from popsicle sticks?! I LOVE discovering projects that don’t require spending $87 in craft supplies to make something I could’ve bought for $9! Haha!

We may be putting away our Christmas trees and Santa Clauses til next year, but hold off on packing up those snowflakes, snowmen, and snowballs! The holiday may have passed, but the season is just getting started! Therefore, I declare all things SNOW are still decor appropriate!

Live Simply with this holiYAY basic beautfy!