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DIY Ribbon Wreath

Whip up this completely cute DIY Ribbon Wreath just in time for July 4th!


Flameless Fireworks

Flameless Fireworks at their finest!!


Simple Statement Wreath

Pledge your allegiance with this simple statement wreath!


DIY Planter Project

The perfect porch planter project!! 🙂


DIY Outdoor Mats

Give Mom the custom made gift she deserves this Mother’s Day without breaking the bank!


Join the PARTY!


Seed Packet Wreath

Special shout out to my Garden-Loving, Flower-Growing, Seed-Planting friends out there! You’re going to LOVE this!

Door Decor Transition

With Christmas long gone and Valentine’s Day still over a month away, we are in kind of a transitional period when it comes to our decor! Don’t let this time between holidays affect your decorative reputation in your neighborhood


Golden Snowflake

Golden Snowflakes from popsicle sticks?! I LOVE discovering projects that don’t require spending $87 in craft supplies to make something I could’ve bought for $9! Haha!